Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thrifty Knits.

  Don't you just this knitted waistcoat thing? It's a complete monstrosity and I fully expect to be arrested by the knitting police for publishing this photo. Yours for 50p on the bargain rail in my favourite charity shop.

 So an hours unpicking and rewinding left me with two hefty balls of beautiful super-chunky wool ready for something crafty.
Like this set of hat and mittens for myself and DD. Baby D also has a little hat but I've left it in the car and its raining so just pretend its there okay?  I still have a fair size ball left, enough I think for another hat for DD in case her original one is lost somewhere. Not bad for 50p and a few hours work eh?

 Thursday is also Knit and Natter day so I've been working hard on Project WelshPoppy. I am now onto 4mm needles and in to the increases. I will work on it some more after dinner.


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