Monday, 2 September 2013

Apples of my eye

  Isn't Freegle wonderful? If you've never tried it I really can't recommend it enough. Last night someone offered bags of apples to all who wanted some and today we picked up our share. I took my own bag as requested as they were all in buckets on the freeglers drive way. I should have taken two as we were promised a bucketful each and it was overflowing!

 Once home we chopped one up for a taste of our bounty. They turn out to be a very sweet desert apple, wonderful to eat fresh. 2 ended up being sliced and both DD and Baby D tucked in happily.
 But once I sorted the eaters from the "users" (bruised, dented, suspicious holes) I noticed my piles were getting suspiciously smaller and smaller.  I check under the table in case they were making a bid for freedom but no.... they weren't there. Hmmmmmm.
 What's this? Someone has been in my baking cupboard and getting out my muffin cases. Suspect one is asleep. Suspect two is in her bedroom.
 Suspect two has created a secret Apple cupcake cafe! Not only are they all lovingly washed in her toy sink and placed in cases. They are also being carefully baked in her toy microwave!
I must say her customers are all looking very satisfied with their apple cupcakes. DD has been careful to warn them that they are "very very hot so let them cool down first!". Did you know heffalumps liked apples? Me neither!

 I think these apples are going to take me a little while to process. I have to go hunting for them first! Everywhere I go there is a stuffed toy that's been served an apple cake from the DD cafe. I think I have a tiny entrepreneur on my hands.

X x X

P.S - Added another 50p to the house fund today. Tomorrow we will pop it all into the bank.

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