Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ho Hum...

 Well that was a big pile of nothing. We finally viewed the flat we were offered and it was just plain unsuitable for us. So no moving after weeks of prepping for it.....Bugger.
 However it has meant we realise just what we have here, and how lovely this flat it so we are kind of rediscovering it.
 The photo above is of the girls bedroom, we used it for all the furniture and boxed up stuff. DD was sleeping on the sofa and Baby D's cot was in with us.
 Once we knew the move wasn't happening we decided to give the current flat a huge makeover. so we unpacked, rearranged and cleaned to create a room for the girls again.
And if you look carefully you will spot them both sleeping in their beds happily. We have some under bed storage on order in Wilko's so ignore the box of clothes please lol. Next room to blitz is our bedroom, which we start tonight.

x x x


  1. Sorry to hear that your intended move is off, but sometimes these things happen to make us appreciate what we have.At least you will have had a good sort out and declutter if nothing else.Enjoy rediscovering your home :)

  2. Never mind - it sounds like your approach is a wise one, in making good use of existing spaces. The right property WILL come along in the end. Meanwhile you have had a good sort out and clean up, which cannot be bad!
    summer blessings xx


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