Sunday, 9 December 2012

Prepping for Xmas 2013

 Yes, I really did mean Christmas 2013! This year we are taking part in Frugaldom's sealed pot challenge. The idea is you save your small change found pennys, and occasional few pounds throughout the year in a sealed pot. On December 3rd we all open them together and splurge :)
 We are planning to use ours for Christmas family outing/ trip to see Santa. 

I've also experimented with microwave meringues and can thoroughly recommend the recipe. Life is far to short to make them in the oven!!!

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  1. Hi Fishcake! I was wondering if you received the book I sent you? I hope so... The Bag winner got her bag, which I posted at the same time, so I really hope it didn't get lost between thee and me.
    I think the Money Pot sounds a great idea. I think I may try it myself this year (next year...2013!)

  2. Can you please post the recipe or the link to the Microwave Meringues! They look yummy.


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