Friday, 7 February 2020

Mummy hits the shops

It was beautiful bright school run this morning. A little bit of frost still around but it was quickly disappearing. It felt good to be warmed by the sun for a little bit, I feel like I haven't seen it properly in a long while.
First stop in town was the phone shop. It was time to change my phone on Wednesday, which I did, but the new SIM wasn't working correctly. The store assistant apologised and swapped over for a new one and had it all running within 10 minutes. I was very impressed. 
After the phone shop I popped to my favourite charity shop for some book bargains. Books are BOGOF again even on the clearance basket so the novel and cookbook above were 29p for both. The clearance DVDs are only 9p each so I treated myself to some stand up comedy. I don't tend to rewatch them after the first viewing so will pass it along once I've enjoyed it.

A school run buddy suggested I look in The Works at their Easter craft kits. I'm quite impressed with them, though a few things are cheaper elsewhere so make sure you shop around. I was mostly impressed with the pack sizes. Bookmarks 8 pack, egg decoration 6 pack, rocket ships 4 pack. Perfect for a big family. Nothing worse than opening a craft kit and finding it only makes 2 complete items between 4 children 🤦‍♀️.
The sets at the front are to pop in Easter baskets. Each pack contains colouring pencils, crayons, rubber (eraser) and sharpener. They'd be perfect for a day trip or little holiday somewhere. 
The two books will be tucked away for birthdays. Gman will love the comic book for 25p and DD1 is unicorn and craft obsessed so that will be an instant winner. 
I also grabbed a fresh bag of Epsom salts in Poundland but figured you didn't need a photo of them. I've almost finished our current packet fighting poor Baby W's nappy rash. Fingers crossed though it seems to have passed for now.

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  1. Some excellent bargains. Love charity shops for books


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