Saturday, 21 October 2017

Halloween Half Term

On Friday DD1 attended her first school disco. I can't quite believe how grown up she looks in her costume!

While DD1 was out partying the night away, DD2 and I made this stunning box monster from an empty nappy box and random craft supplies. 

Today we visited the local library's Halloween craft party. They had 4 different activities to try and they all went down well.

The children where all as good as gold. I even had some lovely compliments on their behaviour from other parents and the library staff. 

Particularly when DD1 had finished all her activities and read stories to Gman while waiting for DD2 to finish. 
They made my heary melt.

X x X


  1. Well done, Sarah and Hubby, to have taught your little ones such good manners. Their kindness and consideration to each other and of others are special skills that will last each of them a lifetime. And Sarah, I hope you are keeping well and thank you for sharing the lovely pic of DD1, Michelle in Wellington, NZ. xx

  2. Your kids have so much fun in their lives, and their polite behaviour is a credit to you and your husband.


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