Thursday, 27 July 2017

Day 1 of Summer - Library visit

It's been a soggy and dark start to the summer holidays, but luckily that didn't effect our plans. Last week both girls were signed up to the library's  summer reading scheme and borrowed their first book to read.

Thanks to the rubbish weather we decided to stay for a while.
DD2 and Daddy enjoyed sitting and reading a story together. 
DS ran around the children's section  (chased by me) handing anyone who past random books and shouting "Read it!" Thank goodness he is at the age where his actions are cute and not threatening. Lol

DD1 curled up on one of big squishy beanbags and read some picture books to herself quietly. DD1 likes to be left in peace when she reads so we gave her all the space she needed.

Once we'd given our book reviews and claimed our first set of collectable stickers, we returned back home.
Both of the girls recorded the trip in their holiday diaries.

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