Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Poor DD2

My poor little lady took a tumble in the playground yesterday. She came home sporting an egg on her forehead and a rather puffy looking left eye. 
DD2 doesn't fall well. Her reaction time can be quite poor and so often doesn't put her hands out in time. DD2 is often referred to as the school medical rooms best customer. I've gotten to know the school first aiders quite well. 
This afternoon, just over 24 hours later, her eye is starting to take on  that familiar slightly blue tinge. 
This will be her second black eye this term. Everything is of course documented as an accident, but that won't stop people nudging each other on  the bus and tutting.

Stupid Dyspraxia!

X x X

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  1. My son's legs were always black and blue and very obvious when we went swimming. I am just glad he was young in a less suspicious age.


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