Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Radish Glut.

We came home from our holibobs to find a glut of radishes in the vegetable patch. Some were in mortal danger of becoming woody so we picked them all quickly.
Usually I pick a couple each day and munch them with my lunchtime sandwich or add them to the evening salad. Neither option would use up quite so many though. 

A hunt for inspiration on Pintrest found a whole host of pickled radish recipes.
So myself and my glamorous assistant DD2 knocked up a jar full to try out. They are fridge pickles so we can eat them after 24 hours. I will let you know what we all think.


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  1. The pickled radishes look great. ANd thanks for the reminder - with Spring coming up down-under soon I'll be able to sow some radish seeds soon.


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