Sunday, 13 September 2015

In the garden...

Today we picked up two new compost bins from free cycle. We've now filled up the green one we had originally so will leave it composting over winter ready for spring and summer.
 I figured with three in the go we can always have one in use, one resting and one on the go!

Inside the house I have some windowsill celery starting. I going to pop him into a pot and try to keep him happy over winter ready for spring planting.

My chive plant that I thought had died has sprung back to life. Healthy enough even for flowering! It desperately needs a new pot so I will do that ASAP.
Not sure if he needs to come indoors for winter though, any advice folks? 

And my twig of a mint plant has explodes into a mini mint bush. I'm hoping to dry a few sprigs for tea over the winter. If it keeps growing like this I will soon have lots of delicious mint pesto and mint sauce stashed in the cupboard. 

We are hoping to get the garden nicely prepped this year for next growing season. Job one is clearing it all out and getting some weed matting and gravel down. 

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