Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bloggy Blanket Squares

 I'm really enjoying some dejunking at the moment. I've been dragging out a carrier bag or box of crapola a few times a day and just sifting through the contents. DD has loved finding my "secrets" and I've amazed myself at the amount of things I've stashed for "later".
 For example the art stuff above was a competition prize I won ages ago. I've never even used it, but it now on my pile of nice things for taking on holiday. I'm about half way through the cupboard of doom now!

I have also just heard about FM's idea of making crochet blankets for the needy. She has asked on her blog for squares to be sent to her to sew together and she will then distribute the finished blankets locally. I think the first one went to someone in an old peoples home.
 It's the perfect project for me to use up some of my massive stash of tiny bits of wool. I hate throwing scraps away but I never have enough for any projects.
  So between toilet training DD this Easter Holiday and dejunking I have whipped up some squares to post off in the next few days towards the next blanket.
 Having a quick count tells me I have actually managed 14 squares in all those odds minutes to crochet. Don't those minutes soon add up?

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  1. Hi Sarah, thank you for supporting this project. but 'twas not just my idea, also the wonderful 'Mum' over at
    Two lovely lap blankets are indeed warming laps at local old folk's homes...
    Isn't it great to pay it forward?

  2. Yes it's a wonderful idea and your squares are lovely.

    Sft x


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