Saturday, 25 November 2017

Ladies that breakfast and releasing children into the wild

This morning I was invited to attend a Ladies breakfast at a local church. Sadly I left my phone in the car, not noticing until hubby had driven off, so I haven't got any photos to share of the event.  It was wonderful though. 
All of the lady guests were offered Bucks fizz, Prosecco or orange juice on arrival. Served of course by the men of the church including the vicar himself. They all wore Christmas hats and festive aprons which was quite fun.
We had fruit salad and yoghurt to start, followed by smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and finishing with mountains of miniature pastries. 
There was a small raffle to enter and each table had quiz sheets to answer. 
I'm looking forward to attending the next one already. 

In the after we met up with my tribe. My tribe are my 3 best girlfriends and their families. Between the four of us there are 9 children so far, and it makes for a merry and loud time.

Today we met at Stansted house and gardens. The children were released into the surrounding woodland where they formed packs and began hunting for wildlife, mushrooms, feathers and pinecones.  It was lovely to watch them all getting very muddy and messy in the outdoors. 
Once everyone was complaining of the cold and nature had lost its appeal we relocated to the nearby cafe for hot chocolate and gingerbread men. 
I'm predicting a very easy bedtime this evening after all that exercise!

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