Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday treats

It's Friday! The children have been so good for me this week, I wanted to reward them. So after the school run and before hopping on the bus home we visited my spiritual home. The pound shop!
Everyone had £1 to spend on almost anything they wanted (just in case they choose a bottle of bleach or something ridiculous).
DD1 choose a Colour your own Christmas card set. She's happily sat most of the evening colouring them in for different family members.

DD2 spotted a MYO mask set with some paints. Once home she decided on felt tip pens rather than paint so we stashed the paints for another day. 
DD2 has spent most of the evening jumping out on me while growling. I think she might be a tiger. Which would explain the orange nose and whiskers she drew.

Baby G was coaxed into choosing some new bath toys. I recently had to bin a few that had past their sell by date. 
He has spent the evening ignoring them mostly and stealing his sisters tiger mask whenever she puts it down somewhere. He keeps holding it up to his little face and growling just like DD2 does.
 I think the neighbours must think I'm running a zoo, it's been quite a loud evening. 


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