Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day Fun

We started our Valentines day with a delicious pub breakfast. We all stuffed ourselves silly on all of the continental and traditional English treats on offer. It was lovely to have Gman at the table with us this time. He had a good try of everything on offer.

I spent the afternoon in the garden with DD2. We potted up some bulbs I'd forgotten about in the back of the shed, and sowed some seeds. I also reorganised my aloe vera and potted up four baby plants. I will grow them on for the PTA plant stall I'm running in June. 

While we were outside, Hubby and DD1  had sneaked out to collect my Valentines gift. 13 new fishes! There was supposed to be 12 but somehow an extra fishy sneaked in there. Some have arrived already quite pregnant so hopefully my almost empty tank will be swarming with life soon.

                 What have you all been up too?

                                     X x x

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