Friday, 24 October 2014

Day 1 - Frugal Swimming

 As promised here is today's diary page. DD has done a good job I think

  We had a free child swim voucher so DD was free, Baby D is under 3 and swims free so we only had to pay for hubby and parking.  I prefer not to swim but like to watch them all play and help with changing time.
 I packed everyone some juice and a snack (apples today) as tiny tums seem to get out of the pool ravenously hungry.  I refuse to buy a fruit drink for over £1 and give them chocolate based treats from the vending machines.
 We collected some swim lesson leaflets from the changing rooms which gave us lots of cartoon swimmers to cut out for page decoration.
 We took our own swim toys to avoid buying or hiring any.

    Adult swim- £3.80
    Swim nappy - 50p
    Parking - 70p

 Total cost - £5.00

 Budget remaining - £44.00

 X x X

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