Thursday, 28 August 2014

A very Thrifty Thursday

  It's been a wonderful Thursday for the Random's. First I was gifted a knitting book that someone no longer wanted, and then offered a single bed that was destined for the tip. We've been thinking for a month or two that it was time to move Baby D into a "big girl bed" so we took up the offer eagerly.
 Before we went to collect it we sneaked in a cooked breakfast at our favourite seaside greasy spoon.

The girls gambled away their pocket money for ten minutes while we worked out an action plan for picking up the bed. Originally we were going to pop it into the spare room until we found a cheap mattress for it but luck was on our side and we found one immediately on Ebay for a paltry £8.

So two local journeys and an hour rearranging furniture later, Baby D has a snuggly new "big girl bed" to enjoy.  Now the sleeping arrangements are sorted out we can move onto some frugal decorating to make them a room fit for princess (is the plural for princess, princess? Angela I'm looking at you....)
 Next job.......curtains!

 x X x

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  1. Although I'm not Ange, I would guess at "princesses" for your plural.
    It looks as though your girls have a lovely bedroom now, so I'm sure you will make it even better!
    Aren't thrifty finds wonderful?!


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