Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Part 3 of the Frugal Home tour.

 Welcome! Welcome! Apologies about the delay between our first two parts and this one. Things have been somewhat busy and difficult lately, but hurrah the day of the final tour is here at last!
 We will begin at the base of the world's widest stairs! Seriously, finding stair gates for this beast was a nightmare.

Beware of the captured beast as we pass through the top gate. If you are frightened please feel free to bribe the beast with some Custard Cremes, she should let you pass unmolested after around two or three.

We will be heading through the left door first into the spare bedroom.

Currently it is full of boxes and things that still haven't quite been organized. This room is directly above the main lounge and is the same size with windows in the same places. By Christmas it will be set up as a room for friends to stay in, later it will be a shared bedroom for our girls.

Coming out and heading straight into the room next door is the bathroom. Out of all the rooms in the house this one is probably the most shabby. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into decorating it once that floor is fixed properly. 

There is also a scary faced monster that resides in here. Master of the house is working on an elaborate trapping scheme as we speak.

Have you ever heard of painting over tiles in the bath room? It completely doesn't work as the steam from using the bath and shower makes it fall off in huge sheets.

The small people seem to really enjoy peeling the paint off when they are in the bath, and I must admit the candyfloss pink tiles that are emerging slowly are quite pretty. I will let everyone keep peeling for now and see how things develop.

Special mention to the kind freegler who gave us this gorgeous canvas last week. It's just perfect for this space!
 The room on the left is DD's bedroom.

 DD's room has been featured before I will just give you a peek.Just work around Baby D making a blanket nest on the floor.

Next to DD's room is a huge airing cupboard! It is making laundry so much easier to organise now I have somewhere out the way to store dried washing before popping it away.

And finally! Yes finally is the master bedroom. Let's go in!

 The little alcove area on the right is just perfect for Baby D's cot. All her clothes and things live in her chest of drawers on the left of the picture.

The other end of the room has our bed, complete with a billion blankets. The headboard was rescued just recently from a bin shed and re-varnished. Not a bad freebie at all! The white doors on the left of the bed is the built in wardrobe. 

And finally my sideboard cum dresser, which currently houses my knitting and sewing stashes quite nicely. As you have probably guessed from the tour we are fans of vintage wooden furniture, particularly dark wood.

So there we have it, the tour is complete! But don't stray to far will you dears because the decorating is about to begin starting with the down stairs hallway and DD's bedroom. I'd hate for you to miss out on our frugal creativity!

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  1. Love that quilt!! And your wonderfully efficient recycling of freebies

  2. Very nice - lots of space there for the little monsters and I love the way that you're making it yours.


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