Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wooly chaos

  I have had a horrible afternoon :(
 All my wool stash was neatly organised by colour in carrier bags in my craft cupboard. It was a system that was working really well for me, I knew where each colour was when I need it for a new project and it stopped me from overstocking on similar colours when I already had several balls in that shade.
 And then I discovered that biggest problem with reusing modern carrier bags. They are now mostly biodegradable, which is fantastic for the environment but not so good for storage. I now have several piles of wool covered in teeny tiny bits of flakey carrier bag :( It is taking me forever to pick all the bits off each ball that's affected. I have put them all in a big plastic tub now instead, much to the amusement of  DD. At least she found something to smile about while I was in a grump.

 But if like me you have several things stored in carrier bags around the house in various cupboards and drawers, then make sure you check them regularly! I wonder how many people have things stashed in their attics that they won't look at for year and years before they realise.

While I will still use them as rubbish sacks for my kitchen each day and emergency nappy bags, I will certainly not be relying on them for long term storage.
Stupid bags

x x x

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  1. I was given three large carrier bags of buttons one summer, just before I went on holiday. I put them [temporarily!] in the conservatory. Two months later as I picked up the bags buttons rolled everywhere! I discovered they had disintegrated in the warm sunshine.
    At least your antics have kept DD happy.
    Aren't you supposed to be busy packing for your hols?


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