Sunday, 25 March 2012

My return to the world of blogging

Well.... I think the picture above should tell you why I haven't been blogging for a while lol.
We are officially expecting bambino number 2 in August. And although the baby is happy and healthy and growing well, I am however suffering the joys of hyperemesis gravidarum. For those who haven't heard of it, HG is basically morning sickness on an industrial scale. Since Christmas I have pretty much been on bed rest and living on rich tea biscuits and banana milkshake (the only food and drink I could stomach). I have been lucky in that I have only been in hospital twice for dehydration which involved a night on a drip. But now as I have finally shaken off the worst of it I am feeling pretty low. My hair and skin is in a pitiful state after 3 months of poor nutrition and hydration, I am constantly catching colds (I swear I got one from watching someone sneeze on the TV at one point) and am finding it difficult to get back into eating.
But even through all this I am looking so forward to meeting our new arrival in August and now I am back on my feet I am desperate to start organising our home in preparation, so expect to see lots of organising posts on here in the coming weeks and months.
Today's task is making a food list of everything that is in our freezer and cupboards so I can work out we do and don't have in stock. Poor OH and DD have been living on microwave meals and processed junk so we all need some healthy nutritious foods to boost us up again.

I've missed you guys x x x


  1. How I empathize with you - both my pregnancies were HG from day 1 to delivery almost! All this 'mothers who bloom thru pregnancy with glowing skin and charming vitality' passed me by as I threw up constantly.
    That was in the early 80s but I still remember. Vividly!! I would encourage you though - both girls came out healthy and have grown into fabulous young women. NOW I can say it was worth the 18 months of sickness for the joy they have brought us since.
    Praying your experience is similar
    love and blessings xx

  2. Congratulations, hope you feel better soon, but it will be worth it in the end :)


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