Friday, 14 January 2011

Bargin shopping

Look at that sea of yellow stickers! Doesn't make your heart sing. or maybe that's just me lol.
This little pile of beauties originally cost £16.78p Scary! Here's the contents;

3 Bulbs of fennel - 5p (Always wanted to try fennel and at this price if we all hate it I'm not to worried)
Organic milk - 13p (planning to make some cottage cheese)
Pineapple chunks - 6p (Perfect for trying Fishfinger on)
Organic Plums (4)- 10p (Originally £1.99!!!!! and they aren't even ripe yet)
Broccoli - 4p
Organic Cauliflower - 9p (Originally £1.80!)
2 Packs of Potatoes - 9p each (5kg for 18p)
Mixed Salad - 8p - (Will be added to my 3p french dressing pack for tomos lunch nom nom)
French Dressing - 3p (A little treat to go in my salad)
2 Packs of 12 crumpets - 40p (Breakfast for the next few days!)
Sushi - 38p (Again something I've always wanted to try)

We picked up a few other bits as well, but you don't want to see my baby's pack of nappies or OH's Shreddies do you? I'm off now to nab a cottage cheese recipe and find out how to prepare fennel.

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